Benefits of Bullet Journaling

Why MLM’s Are So Popular

If you’ve ever been on any social media site, chances are you’ve seen an MLM company in action. Have you ever noticed one of your friends promoting a company’s products? Business pitches and product specials flood your Facebook and Instagram. Your friends are drinking the purple Kool-aid and you’re wondering what the big deal is. I had seen countless friends on my newsfeed talking up their MLM company and I wanted to see what the big deal was. One of my friends became a millionaire from joining an MLM company. And another friend won free trips around the country from her MLM company. So, what is MLM? What’s their secret to success in these businesses? And how do you get in on that kind of success?   These were the questions I had circling in the back of my mind. I figured that the only way to learn was to take Read More