10 Ways to Improve Your Mood

We all can relate to those days where nothing seems to be going right. For me, sometimes I only need one thing to go wrong before my mood clouds over.  And no one wants to be around someone with a rain cloud over their head. Over the past few months, I’ve developed some key ways to improve my mood. So whenever you feel like life is getting you down, I hope you can turn to these helpful tips.


Move Your Body

The best way to get out of a slump is to move your body. Sometimes your brain can get so overwhelmed with stress and worry that you need to take a break. Go for a walk outside, take a bike ride, or even pull out some crazy dance moves in your bedroom. The point is to get your blood pumping and get your mind focused on something else. That mini-vacation for your brain guarantees a mood boost.

Take in Beauty

Whenever you feel upset or frustrated, find something that is beautiful to you. For me, I like to look at the flowers in my neighbor’s garden. The flowers are tropical and bright fuschia, making it hard for me to stay upset for long. Listen to one of your favorite songs or check out some great photography on Instagram. Find something that makes you smile.

Treat Yourself

Nothing relaxes me more than a nice bubble bath and a large glass of wine. Whether you’re painting your nails or getting an extra large popcorn at the movies, a little treat will do you a world of good. Consider getting yourself some flowers to put in a vase. Whenever I buy some flowers for my house I’m not only treating myself, but I get to take in beauty every day!

Embrace Meditation

Meditation seems to be all the rage these days, and that’s because it is so beneficial to your body. Studies show that meditation helps with relaxation, peacefulness, memory and learning. If you’re a beginner to meditation, I recommend using the Headspace app. This app gives you 10 sessions of 10-minute guided meditation for free.

Practice Yoga

Yoga and meditation can go hand-in-hand. Both practices are great ways to improve your mood. Yoga helps you with your posture and flexibility, as well as making you more self-aware. And the best part about yoga is that you can do it from anywhere! You don’t need a gym membership to practice yoga. There are plenty of beginner yoga classes on YouTube. Or, if you like going to classes but don’t want to commit to a gym, I recommend signing up with ClassPass.

Light a Candle

Your sense of smell is a very powerful tool to calming down. Lighting a scented candle can work wonders on your mood. Whenever I start writing, I light a candle that smells like roses. Pick a candle or an aromatherapy diffuser that appeals to your sense of smell.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Writing in a gratitude journal is so important to me. It’s easy to think about all the bad things in your life. But when you force yourself to write down what you are grateful for, your whole mindset begins to change. You begin to look at things in a positive light. Write at least five things you a grateful for every day. This may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will find that it becomes easier and easier.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

What better way to start your day than with a healthy breakfast! Now, before you say, “I don’t have time for breakfast,” I want you to read this. There are many benefits to eating breakfast. The main benefits being a metabolism boost and the proper energy you need to start your day. And if you feel as if you don’t have time for a healthy breakfast, I would do a mini meal prep the night before. If you’re a smoothie person, place all your fruit in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Likewise, if you’re an omelet person, chop up some vegetables the night before. Make sure all your ingredients are ready to go first thing in the morning.

Enjoy Your Hobbies

Take some time out of your day to enjoy the things that you love doing. If you love to knit, take some time to knit before bed. If you love to sing, belt out some of your favorite songs in the car. If you love to play a sport, sign up for a nearby club. Enjoying your hobbies is essential for improving your mood.

Talk to Loved Ones

Talking to friends and family can activate serotonin in your brain and give you prolonged happiness. I know that if I’ve had a bad day, I can always turn to my best friend. After one conversation with her, I walk away feeling happier and more at peace. So call up a friend or a family member to say hi. Tip: call, don’t text. Hearing a friendly voice can improve your mood so much more than a short text. And you can even take it a step further and go out with your friends. Everyone deserves a night out.

I hope these tips help you throughout your day! I know life can get messy but don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Only you can change your mood.