Why MLM’s Are So Popular

If you’ve ever been on any social media site, chances are you’ve seen an MLM company in action. Have you ever
noticed one of your friends promoting a company’s products? Business pitches and product specials flood your Facebook and Instagram. Your friends are drinking the purple Kool-aid
and you’re wondering what the big deal is. 
I had seen countless friends on my newsfeed talking up their MLM company and I wanted to see what the big deal was. One of my friends became
a millionaire from joining an MLM company. And another friend won free trips around the country from her MLM company.
So, what is MLM? What’s their secret to success in these businesses? And how do you get in on that kind of success?
These were the questions I had circling in the back of my mind. I figured that the only way to learn was to take the plunge and join an MLM company.
I started up with Rodan + Fields sometime in November 2016, and I’m here to give you the dirty deets about what MLM is.

What Is MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. MLM companies rely on word-of-mouth and network marketing to get sales. MLM consultants or ambassadors use social media platforms to promote their specific company. MLM consultants also promote their business through socializing with their friends and family.

What Does the Business Look Like?

Business models vary depending on the company, but you generally have the same rules. You make general commissions from the products you sell. But, the top goal for most MLM consultants is to recruit as many people on their team as possible. Whenever your consultants do well in their business, you receive a percentage of their success. Now, this does not mean you are taking money out of their commission. Your consultants get the full commission for whatever they sell, but you get bonus earnings from their success. So, the more consultants you have signed up under you, the more money you earn.
Along with your personal and team commissions, your company might also give you special rewards. At Rodan + Fields, our consultants receive a performance rewards program and incentive trips across the globe. (The RFx Circle Achievers got a free trip to Australia!)

How Do You Become Successful?

Success depends on how hard you work on the business. If you treat your MLM business as a hobby, that’s all it will be. But, if you work the business as best you can, you can expect to see almost immediate success.
One of the perks of being a part of an MLM company is that you are never alone. You are a part of a network of hardworking, supportive people who want to see you succeed. If you feel overwhelmed or less than confident, there are thousands of people rooting for you. Plus, I found plenty of coaching sessions available to anyone looking to approve. Top earners in my company offer precise blueprints on how they got to the very top of the company food chain.
Your sponsor (the person who recruited you to the company) is also a huge resource for you to take advantage of. My sponsor makes sure that I’m always on task and being proactive about my business. Another great thing about her is that she’s always there whenever I need a little pep talk. My sponsor is also an amazing woman because she offers her own incentives to stay on task. Whether it’s a Coach wristlet or a Nordstrom gift card, she’s always finding new ways to motivate her team.

Is It Dangerous?

Absolutely not. MLM’s never try to trick you into the business. And if they do, then they are not a genuine MLM. If, at any time, a company seems shady, do your research and see if they are actually legit. I generally do not recommend anyone sign up with a company that requires you to keep inventory. At Rodan + Fields, you never have to keep inventory. I never have to keep stock and sell physical products to people. All my customers only order through my website. No muss, no fuss.
But, the deal with MLM’s is that you are required to have a monthly shipment of product sent to you. The company wants to make sure you are using the product that you are selling. But, if you are crushing your business, the products are going to pay for themselves.

Is It Worth It?

From my experience, it has definitely been worth it. The great thing about R+F is that I had two full months to test the business out to see if it was the right fit for me. Rodan + Fields offers a 60-day guarantee on all the products and business kits. If you decide the products or the business isn’t for you, you can send it back straight away and get a full refund. They also have an empty bottle guarantee. So even if you use all the product and you don’t like it, you can get a full refund if you return it within the 60 days.
I am happy to say that my experience with Rodan + Fields has been amazing so far. I had no idea I could be so successful in a business like this. I never thought I’d be selling people skincare, but it turns out it’s a lot more fun than I thought. And a lot easier!

I hope this information answers all your questions about MLM companies! If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below.
If Rodan + Fields peaks your interest or you’re wanting to work with me, subscribe and send me a message. I’ll be sure to get back to you 🙂