How to NEVER Run Out of Blog Content

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my very first blog post. In this blog, I will be providing tips and tricks on how to start a successful online home business. I’ll also be giving insights into how to work for yourself without goi
ng broke!

So let’s get started!

Today we are talking about blogging. Successful blogging, as a matter of fact. It’s insane much money some of these full-time bloggers are making! There are some bloggers out there who make more than $90,000 a month. Let me repeat: they are making more than $90,000 a month! It’s crazy to think that someone could make that much money from the comfort of their own home.

So how do they do it? How are they able to make that much money writing blogs? How are they able to come up with that much content?
When you visit one of these blogs, you’ll notice how they have pages and pages of content. And you might wonder: “How on earth do they keep coming up with things to write about?” I used to think the exact same thing. But then I remembered that no idea is original. These bloggers are teaching information that they have learned elsewhere.

So, in order to become a full-time blogger with endless content, you must…

Never Stop Learning

The key to being a great blogger is to always create content that peaks the interest of their audience. To have quality content, you must learn something new and teach it to your readers. Regardless of what your blog is about, you must be teaching something new to your readers.

Some techniques for learning more includes:

  • Online courses. Online courses for your particular niche are everywhere on the internet. After a quick Google search, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right courses.
  • Learning programs. There are certain programs, like MLSP that are must if you want to learn more about growing your online business. I use this program personally and I have learned countless marketing strategies for my business. MLSP also provides training on social media, webinars, and paid advertisement. This program is an unbelievable resource and I recommend you taking a look at what they offer.
  • Read more. What I like to do is go onto the Amazon best-seller list and see what books are selling the most copies in my niche. Once I read these books, I will have gained all sorts of knowledge from an “expert” in my field.

Become the 3-minute Expert

Ray Higdon is a self-made online multi-level marketer and home business owner. He is also famous for his marketing program called The 3-Minute Expert. In his program, he discusses how to be an authority figure in your own niche.His 4-step technique is InvestLearnTeachProfit.

Higdon’s key to a successful 7-figure earning blog is:

  • Investing in courses or programs
  • Learning from those education outlets,
  • Teaching what you’ve learned to your audience
  • Profiting from your valuable content.

***Pro Tip: Search online forums of your niche to see what questions people are asking. Once you know what they are asking, you know exactly what to teach them.

Take Advantage of the Professionals

Next time you’re in a grocery store, pay attention to magazines right at the front of the checkout. These magazines are full of big headlines and know how to grab people’s attention. Use these headlines as a resource! Pick up a magazine in your niche and look at the cover. These magazines have professional copywriters to write headlines and catchy stories. And these copywriters are handing you exactly what you need for your content. Use these headlines as a way to figure out what you should write about next.

I hope these tips and tricks help you out! Stay tuned for when I talk about Why MLM’s Are So Popular. Be sure to subscribe to get FREE resources (e-books, webinars, etc.) on how to grow your online home business!